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What are the Symptoms of Bulimia?

Posted on December 17, 2022 by Gino Mutters

Bulimia can be an eating disorder. People who have bulimia will often have a standard weight, but perceive themselves to be fat. Or they could feel intense guilt or self-disgust if they eat. These feelings are so strong that folks with bulimia provide much of the meals they eat. Though women and men both can form bulimia, 90 percent of individuals with bulimia are women. For some, bulimia begins in the teens, a couple of years after puberty begins. Lots of people with bulimia are perfectionists or overachievers.

Bulimia is identified by two characteristic behaviors: bingeing and purging. In a binge, an individual eats a lot more than 1,000 calories, that is near half the amount of calories an average person needs per day. But to an individual with bulimia, a binge could be eating simple. People who have bulimia often binge on comfort food types like poker chips, cake, or cookies. But after eating the meals, the individual is filled up with guilt and shame. The individual with bulimia then purges him or herself by inducing vomiting, excessively exercising, or through the use of laxatives.

A person in a binge-and-purge cycle will eat plenty of food at once. A binge could be secret or planned. It might begin suddenly, cascading just from the bite of food. Some individuals binge once each day; others may binge many times each day. After eating, an individual with bulimia will most likely go directly to the bathroom for a few minutes to vomit up the meals. She or he might overuse laxatives or diuretics, or exercise constantly. An individual with bulimia is overly worried about weight and appearance.

Constant vomiting burns the esophagus, mouth, and teeth with gastric acid. Lots of people with bulimia have symptoms like gum infections, heartburn, or swollen salivary glands from the gastric acid. Their teeth lose a few of their enamel or get cavities. People who have bulimia can also be constipated.

Bingeing and purging isn't healthy, and, because of this, lots of people with bulimia are malnourished. They might be dehydrated and also have low electrolytes. Lots of people with bulimia have dry skin and brittle nails. Most seriously, when blood potassium levels drop severely, can prove fatal.

Bulimia can also be linked with self-esteem problems, stress, or depression. Bulimia is totally treatable, but requires specialized help and support to break the bingeing-and-purging cycles.