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What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

Posted on July 25, 2022 by Gino Mutters

Cerebral Palsy originates from several disorders that impede the brain's control of our movement. The word 'cerebral palsy' is in fact an umbrella term so there can in fact be several various causes for the disorder. While all the causes aren't clearly known, certain conditions and events from the mother and child have already been shown to bring about cerebral palsy.

Sometime oxygen shortages that occur during pregnancy could cause brain damage and birth asphyxia. It's estimated that an inadequate way to obtain oxygen to the mind causes around 10 % of most cerebral palsy cases. Furthermore, other blood conditions may bring about severe jaundice that may also cause cerebral palsy. Pregnant mothers with infections have already been proven to cause this disorder and also the use of alcohol and drugs during pregnancy. Brain infections and head injuries in the kid can also result in severe brain damage and cerebral palsy.

Many factors behind cerebral palsy could be prevented with the easy steps of a healthy body care. In some instances negligent medical expert have the effect of adding to cases of cerebral palsy. If your son or daughter is suffering from this disorder, it is vital to understand your rights as a concerned parent. Please discuss your position having an experienced cerebral palsy attorney today.